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The Westside Travel Photography Meetup Group and The Los Angeles Photography Group meet monthly and they are free. Their goals are to bring photographers, models (of both sexes) and stylists together for enjoyable group activities. The photo expeditions provide the same mix of travel photography and fellowship, but they're usually usually offered on "small ships" (200-1300 guests), riverboats and tours.

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If you want to go on a weekend booze cruise with other party goers, or cruise on a megaship transporting 3000-6000 other guests, we're not the travel consultants you need. But if you want to cruise on ships with less than 1300 guests; and love meeting interesting people, taking great photos, and enjoying culinary & cultural experiences, we're the perfect choice! We also specialize in group tours where members of affinity groups or families travel together; plus the high-end riverboats and expedition ships.

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Steve Frankel's ninth book, "Choosing Great Cameras for Cruises and Tours," helps today's cruisers and photo expedition participants choose travel cameras in an intelligent way. The kinds of shooting you like to do, and your budget and physical condition, affects the kinds of cameras you should bring with you. Steve is presently working on a 2019 edition of this classic; and a Cruiser's Calendar that details all you must do to execute a well-planned and stress-free cruise or tour.

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